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Interstate Express Messenger - Best Denver CourierDenver courier or Colorado delivery needs?  Interstate Express Messenger is one of the most experienced Colorado Courier Services.  We are a locally owned and managed Colorado Courier Company and every one of us works hard every day to make sure that every delivery we make is handled in a timely and professional manner.   If you are looking for a reliable, dependable, economical, and professional Denver Courier, then we would like you to consider us as your long term courier solution. There are several good couriers to choose from in the Denver area and we are honored that you are considering Interstate Express Messenger to serve your  Colorado Courier, or Metro Denver Courier needs.

Interstate Express has served the Denver Courier market since 1996 and we expedite over 750 same day deliveries on a daily basis, up and down the Front Range of Colorado, into Wyoming, and up into the Summit County region as well.  We will treat your delivery and your company with the professionalism and respect that you deserve.  We are the fastest growing courier in the Denver area for a reason!  Call us at 303-601-7433 for an immediate quote on your next delivery, or to discuss delivery needs.

If you have an emergency or rush delivery need, please call our 24 hour dispatch line at 303-369-3600  We can make same day deliveries anywhere in the state of Colorado.

If you would like to include us in your courier RFP or delivery RFQ or get a peronalized bid on your delivery or courier needs please  email your information to our Sales and Project manager at

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Interstate Express Messenger listed on Denver Business List

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Interstate Express Messenger continues to experience record growth in the Denver Courier market.  Even as many Denver Courier, logistics and transportation companies have struggled under the pressure of the economy, Interstate Express Messenger has seen our revenue climb by over 150% this year as we continue to provide personalized, professional, top notch service to our Front Range courier and fleet outsourcing customers. We service our customers as if we were there own in house delivery team, and are honored by the loyalty that our courier customers have shown to us over the years.  We are now listed on Denver Business List, and you can look for us to continue to gain market share in the Denver Courier market, by providing exemplary on demand, dedicated, and scheduled time critical, same day delivery solutions.

Interstate Express messenger  listed on the Denver Business List One of the Best Couriers in Denver!

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Interstate Express is one of the fastest growing Couriers in Denver.

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Interstate Express Messenger has become one of the leading courier companies in the Denver market.  In business since 1996, we have an impeccable record of on time, damage free, expedited deliveries.  Interstate Express Messenger has seen our business grow by over 150% within the last 12 months because of the service and pricing that we offer to our courier clients.

Our owners have over 70 years of combined experience serving the same day delivery needs along the front range of Colorado and this experience combined with an outstanding fleet of drivers, has allowed us to grow into one of the largest privately owned courier companies in Denver.  Our business model and low overhead provide us the ability to offer economical pricing that is often 20-30% lower than our competition, with an industry leading level of service.

We have courier and delivery customers that have been with us continually since 1985 because of the outstanding service and value that we provide.  We specialize in on demand same day deliveries, hotshots, dock sweep services mail runs, and complete fleet outsourcing with scheduled or dedicated routes.  

Interstate Express Messenger has become a premier provider of fleet outsourcing among companies that make customer deliveries or store transfers.  Whether your company needs 1 delivery driver in a small vehicle, 5 drivers in covered pickups, or 10 drivers operating 24 foot trucks, you can save thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by having Interstate Express complete those deliveries for you.    Fleet outsourcing allows for a capital infusion, and significant long term cost savings for the company as they are able to sell their trucks, or other vehicles and eliminate all of the overhead associated with having your own delivery drivers on the road.

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Couriers Denver

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Couriers Denver Specializes in all forms of Denver Courier services including Hotshots, economy same day, as well as dedicated drivers and trucks, or regularly scheduled routes.  We are owned and operated by Interstate Express Messenger Service, and we pride ourselves on being one of the most professional, on time, inexpensive, and reliable ways to get your packages, documents, parcels, equipment, or materials delivered within the Denver metro area, and throughout Colorado.

Best denver Courier - Interstate Express Messenger
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